The conference seeks paper in all aspects of micro nanomanufactruing including, but not limited to: 

Advanced Nanomaterials

Nanoparticle synthesis and applications
Nanocoatings, surfaces and membranes
Carbon nanostructures and devices
Polymer nanotechnology

Ultraprecision and Micro/Nano Machining

Ultra/nanoprecision machining
FIB and e-beam based fabrication

Laser Micro/Nano Materials Processing

Micro/Nanopatterning, Micro-featured Surfaces and Surface Modification


Micro cold forming
Plastic/glass moulding

Process Monitoring and Quality Control

Modelling and Simulation at the Micro/Nanoscale, Multiscale Modelling and Analysis

Nano Characterization and Tools

Nano metrology
Nano characterisation
Optics and interferometry

Nano/Microsystems and Auto-assembly

High Precision Machines

Micro/Nanoelectromechanical Systems

Ultraprecision and Micro Manufacturing Systems

Optical Machining and Measurement

Other Technologies Associated with Micro/Nano Manufacturing